Connecting clients to success since 2000

The key to Santco’s ongoing success has been our large distribution network. Santco Trading Inc. has a vast distribution network in over 20 countries worldwide. We have been successful in distributing our products and services to both large-scale customers and small shops, encompassing most of the marketplace in a majority of developing nations.

Santco Trading Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company incorporated in 2000. Since our inception, we have built and maintained solid domestic and international reputations in the area of foreign trade.

Santco Trading’s exceptional business reputation and long-steady trade partner relations has spanned hundreds of customers from many countries and locales. Through several years of successful operations and growth, we have been able to establish our company as an active and reputable player in the supply of machinery and spare parts to industrial sectors in North America, Middle East, Asia and C.I.S countries.

For years Santco has also assisted companies with supply solutions across several industrial fields, including drilling, refinery equipment, tools and machinery, all types of valves & pipes, along with the most sophisticated high quality precision tools from world-renowned manufacturers. It has set up a global market system with customers and suppliers from all over the world. We lay stress on development towards branding and professionalization, providing only the highest quality products at a very competitive price for our customers.

We sincerely welcome guests from home and abroad for business negotiation and cooperation, in reaching new levels of expertise and professionalism, and developing a brilliant future. With our competent team, advanced technological examination methods, and strict quality control and management, we are sure our company can meet your expectations.


At Santco we develop and manage business relationships for our partners in foreign jurisdictions, where it often helps to have a local presence by nationals. By providing on-the-ground support in these jurisdictions, we increase the competitive advantage of our partners to ensure their on-going success. We continue advancing on a vanguard of innovations, including introducing new methods of management and technology while helping transform the world into a better place.

  • High quality products
  • Competitive price
  • Punctual delivery
  • Wide range choice of products
  • Quick reaction on sourcing new products
  • Vast distribution network